Pennsylvania artist Mary Hamilton’s work reflects her interest in the world of animals and Celtic folklore, often incorporating animals from her farm.

Print Making

Mary at work with her models

“I have a big studio, which I use as gallery and exhibition space; and a smaller studio that has my printing press and where I produce my work,” says Mary. “I have a big barn and at various times have had horses, goats, geese, ducks, peacocks, Borzois, a Belgian Shepherd dog, cats and other dogs, which have all made their way into my work.

“Much of my work revolves around things which have happened to me or been suggested to me by something I’ve seen my animals do. There are many stories I listen to and a lot of music and that is also an influence. In the past few years I have traveled more. One big influence was traveling to Nepal and India. One of my major themes is the interconnectedness of all beings, and that there is art all around us always.”

Her often intricate works are printed and hand pulled from linoleum blocks employing the reduction method. The block is cut after each color is printed, layering colors from the lightest to the darkest. The edition series are small and strictly limited by the process.

Mary was educated in art at Indiana University of PA, as well as Tyler School fo Art at Temple University in Philadelphia and Rome. Her work hangs in collection of the University of Pennsylvania, The Albright-Knox Museum, Disneyworld, The City of Toledo and more.

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